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>2011: Bookish Resolve


Although we are several days into 2011, I don’t feel I’m too late to make my book resolutions. I didn’t always feel this way. I figured if you didn’t get it done on January 1, (hangovers were no excuse) you missed the boat for that year and had to go through the next 12 months grubby and unresolved.

Then I moved to Asia and discovered Seollal, which is how Koreans refer to the lunar new year, which sometimes doesn’t show up until mid-February. This year it’s February 3. Thanks to getting a second shot at a new year, I have time for seventeen hangovers if I wish and then I can sprawl all over January, doing a year-end update here, taking a nap, getting a snack, looking for the back scratcher, watching TV, languidly making a resolution or two there…you get the idea.

So, I’ve gotten all my resolutions together rather early in this little crevice of time between the two new years, and I’m feeling like I’m the queen of time management. Mentally, I’m feeling pretty damn tidy. You could eat off of my cerebellum. Here’s my list:

1. Read for charity. I’ll go a penny a page again.

2. Read for challenges:

100+ Challenge

The Pulitzer Challenge

The Newbery Challenge

The Canadian Challenge – 4 down, 9 to go before July 1.

The Support Your Local Library Challenge – I’ll try for 20 this year.

Mad Men Challenge – books from the late 50s and early 60s.

The TBR Dare

Read the Book, See the Movie Challenge – I’ve had a lot of fun with this one.

The Western Challenge – starts in May

3. Read internationally.

4. Participate in both the April and October 24-hour Readathons.

5. Read more books written before 1900.

6. Read Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. The unsanitized version.

7. Curtail book spending – this is going to hurt…

8. Don’t hesitate to DNF. Give it till page 49 then Zzzzzt! The Russian front!

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