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>I Want A Banned Book!

> Holy Huck! I didn’t realize that it was time for Banned Books Week again and time to celebrate my freedom to read. This issue has such clarity for me that the defiance flowing through my veins gives me a feeling of euphoria. At times like these, I wish that everything on my shelf — the bought as well as the borrowed — was banned.

I’d like to thank my parents for never restricting my reading, even when my choices got pretty edgy. I passed this freedom on to my son. Hope he keeps the chain going.

The first time I heard of books being banned, I thought it was an ‘olden-days’ thing. Too soon I learned that it is, unfortunately, a most decidedly modern tactic used by what I now affectionately refer to as The Knuckle Draggers Amongst Us. I was incredulous, then I got really mad. That progression of feelings is still with me as I scan my shelves fiercely for something banned to read. I’ve got three on hand that I haven’t read yet, so there you have my reading for this week:

1. The Giver

2. The Naked and the Dead

3. American Psycho

For years, I demanded to know why and how each book got banned. Now I don’t care. No reason is good enough. There should be no lists of that kind. We shouldn’t have to call attention to these lists by having this week.

To those who believe in reading freedom and fight the good fight against banning, I lift my glass to you.

To those who believe that banning is the way to go, I’d like to lift something else.


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