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>Readathon: Hour Two

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Snacks: Another hardboiled egg and more water. I noticed that I had half of a small bottle of Coke left so I stuck it in the freezer so I can have a Cokesicle in a few hours.
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I can’t help smiling when I think of Lawrence writing about a mother and daughter — the mother is 50 and the daughter is 20-something, both beautiful — sleepless and lammenting that there are so few “real men” in the world. They can see this with their “third eye” (intuition). A real man would be like the Great God Pan before he fell to the level of goat-satyr. Both Lou and Mrs. Witt got pretty weepy, imagining “an unfallen Pan.” Right now, the whole lot of characters and some new minor ones are on a horseback trip to The Devil’s Chair, which seems to be on the border of England and Wales. They’re being led by Lewis, the Lawrence stand-in for this novel.


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