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>Readathon: Hour Three

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Poor St. Mawr. According to Lawrence, it’s not his fault that he’s an unpredictable stallion. All his life (he’s seven years old) he’s been patiently waiting and hoping for someone noble to ride him, but except for Lewis the groom, no joy. Instead, he got Rico, Lou’s husband who has no sensitivity towards horses (he prefers cars) and causes himself to be injured by pulling St. Mawr backward on top of him.

Luckily, Rico gets away with only a couple of broken ribs and a broken ankle. He wants the horse to be shot, but his friend and neighbor, Flora Manby (interesting last name) persuades him to sell St. Mawr to her and she’ll have him gelded. She actually says she’s wild to do it. Lewis, Phoenix, Mrs. Witt and Lou get wind of this plan and it is decided that Mrs. Witt and Lewis will ride St. Mawr into Wales. There is a brief discussion about the good guys and the horse all hitting the trail for America.


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