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>It’s Tuesday, Where Are You?

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Actually, it’s well into Wednesday here, but I think there’s still a few small drops of Tuesday left in the US and Canada.

I always follow this feature at An Adventure In Reading and post my answer in the comment section. This is the first time I’ve featured it here. Why now? Work (wearing hobnailed boots and pungent socks) is kicking my bookwormy, bloggy ass. I can’t seem to finish any of the three books I’ve got going or put together a halfway decent review of what I have finished lately. Then there’s also the ongoing internet service problem I’m having at home which will be funny someday, but Not. Right. Now.

OK, enough whining. This isn’t about me. As most of you know, the answer to “It’s Tuesday…Where are you?” is: Where are your characters? What are they doing? I’m not sure, but I think I can pull myself together enough to report on what’s going on with them:

1. The Way West (novel) -A.B. Guthrie, Jr. So far, a bunch of townspeople (mostly men) are standing in front of a general store somewhere in Missouri, weighing the pros and cons of hitting the trail for Oregon…wonder how that’s gonna turn out?

2. Virginia Woolf (biography) – Hermione Lee. Virginia Stephen has just married Leonard Woolf and she’s hard at work on the nth draft of her first novel, The Voyage Out, but she’s feeling a little stressed out and run-down. Here comes her nineteenth nervous breakdown.

3. Dodsworth (novel) – Sinclair Lewis. Automobile magnate Sam Dodsworth is in Spain with his fortysomething wife, Fran, who is morphing in front of his startled eyes from a respectable Midwestern matron into a status-hungry trollop with a penchant for gigolos.

What’s up with your characters today?


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