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>Bookish Resolutions For 2010


Thanks to my Tough & Cool Inner Bookworm, the whole blogiverse now knows where I stand as far as last year’s reading goes. Baby, I can’t please you. She’s back in the closet and the door is firmly bolted, but at diminishing intervals, I’ll hear a sudden, muffled cry: “Wollstonecraft!” Good idea, Tuffi, but give it a rest for now. I’ve got bookish promises to make and miles to go before I … oh, never mind. Here are my resolutions for 2010:

1. Read for charity. This resolution is still a little half-baked. For every book I read, I’m going to award myself 1,000 won, roughly the equivalent of 1.00 USD. (I’ll have 2 bucks by the end of today.) At the end of the year, the money will go to some non-profit literacy organization. I hope I can find one that specializes in literacy for second-language learners. I haven’t solicited anyone to sponsor me, but a couple of my friends have pledged to match what I’ve accomplished.

2. Read 100+ books. I’ve done this for 2 years in a row now, so I know it’s possible. This goal ties in nicely with resolution #1. Plus, I get this…rush when I pop up to triple digits. Whoo.

3. Complete all my challenges:
  • 100+ Books Challenge
  • Support Your Local Library Challenge (50 books this time)
  • 2010 Canadian Book Challenge
  • Read The Book, See The Movie Challenge
  • The Pulitzer Project
4. Read more books published before 1900. You see, Tuffi? I care.

5. Read internationally. I confess — this one is difficult for me. I love books published in my native country. Heart, heart, heart, heart. I seem to fall into them the way hungry people fall into McDonald’s at mealtime. Is that any way for an expat bookworm to behave? I must develop a plan.
6. Get caught up on my book reviews. Even if I have to put up my piecemeal notes or render everything into haiku, I will present an account of what I’ve been reading these past few months.
Six is an odd number of resolutions, but it’ll have to do.

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