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> I’m working on my 91st book of the year. My goal of 101 is doable. Then what do I do? I sign up to participate in NaNoWriMo! Why? Oh, because 3 of the Cracked Spinz are participating. Things are looking a little bleak, though. It’s almost noon on November 5 and I’ve only written a little over 3200 words. Part of the problem is that I can’t seem to turn off The Editor Inside Me:

Me: Type, type, type, type, type….
TEIM: Ooooh, that sucks.
Me: Piss off. Type, type, type, type…
TEIM: Cliche. I may vomit.
Me: I have to get it all out. Then you can take over. Type, type, type, type…
TEIM: Can’t believe you’re doing that. It’s been done a million times. You are going down a bad road here, don’t you know that? Danielle Steel…
Me: I know what I’m doing. On December 1, you can tweak it to your heart’s content. Type, type type…
TEIM: You’ve got to get some symmetry going on. But don’t get all contrived.
Me: I’m just trying to get from sentence to sentence. This is one big unwashed mofo with smelly pits. Type, type, type, type, type…
TEIM: Your main characters don’t even have names. How can you know them if they don’t have names? Let’s see, what can you call them? Nothing too ordinary. And nothing weird. It screws up my optical cruise control when novelists try to be all clever and think of…

Larry McMurtry observed in his recent memoir Books that teaching and novel-writing seem to use the same set of muscles, so that’s another problem I have. I sit down at the computer, dip into the well of creativity and start coming up with lesson plans, activities and quizzes. Which creates more grading for myself. Which dips into novel-writing time.

I also miss my book blog life. I’m a reader and a blogger. There’s just not enough time for everything. Oh well, it’s only for this month. I enjoy a challenge, and I’ve been increasingly picky about what I like and don’t like in novels. Maybe I need a dose of humility. Also, the camaraderie with the guys is fun. I just don’t want to be away from here for too long.


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