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>Get It On, Bang A Gong, Readathon

>Twelve minutes to go. I’m writing an introductory post while waiting for the clock hands to pirouette their way up to the appointed hour.

I’m starting with this book: When My Name Was Keoko by Linda Sue Park. Chapter one, page one…or whichever page has been designated as the start page. Quick peek…yes, it’s page one. Good.

Snack choice: Sunflower seeds and a bottle of water. There’s a Coke in the fridge beckoning me to drink it with some chipped ice, and half of a Twirl bar sending out its own siren song, but I’m going to try and hold off from those treats until the wee hours. Have you ever eaten a Twirl? This is chocolate. This is what Hershey’s wishes they could do. I need to look into moving to England. An assortment of thanks and curses to Val for introducing me to this little bit of perfection and getting me started on another obsession

Okay, it’s about that time. Happy reading to all 300+ of us. I wish Dewey were here as well.
See you in an hour.


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