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>During my latest round of blog-hopping — my preferred form of exercise — I saw that Carrie K had joined the Support Your Local Library Challenge hosted by J. Kaye. Without warning, I was catapulted ass-over-teakettle into challenge-land once more. It was that accompanying picture of the Folger library that did it. Ooooh, those shelves…I needed to be fanned, and vigorously.

I like J. Kaye’s challenge because I’m really REALLY enjoying having a library again and because there are 3 different levels of participation: Read 12, 25 or 50 library books during 2009. I’m not as brave as Carrie K, who’s going for 50, but I’m already at 7 (I’ve been tracking them in my sidebar under Library Loot), so 12 seems laughably timid. I guess that leaves 25 books. It’s doable.

I’m not going to prepare a to-be-read list because I never know what’s going to pop up on those bilingual and beloved shelves. Ever since watching that Zola biopic, I’ve had my eye on a Zola biography nestled in the French Lit section. Also, this might be the year that I finally buckle down and read The Forsythe Saga, which I can count as 3 books.

There’s a slightly uneasy feeling that I’m letting myself get over-challenged again. I need to hurry and finish the Canadian challenge by July 1. I have the summer to do the Eco Reading Challenge, which is off to a good start as I’m halfway through Salt by Mark Kurlanksy. I got a little slothful on my Pulitzer Project Challenge (too bad stockpiling Pulitzers like mad doesn’t count for anything!) but I’m getting back to good by reading the 1928 winner, The Bridge of San Luis Rey by Thornton Wilder.
Although I wanted to, I never joined that challenge in which one reads books by or about U.S. presidents, but it’s hanging there so attractively in my peripheral vision. Its august image trembles in my bookwormy heart.


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