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> Although my work with my challenges has been middling of late, I succumbed to a new one: Chris over at Book-A-Rama is hosting The Eco Reading Challenge. During these next few months, one can read 1-5 books, fiction or nonfiction, about things relating to the environment. After staring at my shelves for a few days, these are my choices:

1. Clay: The History and Evolution of Humankind’s Relationship with Earth’s Most Primal Element – Suzanne Staubach.

2. Salt: A World History – Mark Kurlansky. Ruby Rambling generously bookcrossed this book to me a couple of years ago. I loved Cod; I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to get around to Salt.

3. The Edge of The Sea – Rachel Carson.

4. The Log From “The Sea of Cortez” – John Steinbeck. In 1940, Steinbeck and his biologist pal, Ed Ricketts went out on a sardine boat looking for marine invertebrates on the beaches in the Gulf of California. I’ve been circling this book for several months. The Eco Reading Challenge provides a great excuse to add to my Steinbeck collection.

Many thanks to Chris for coming up with such a good idea. Should I warn my bookish brain that it’s about to expand? This will also help me with my nonfiction numbers — I’m aiming for 50-50 this year with fiction and nonfiction.


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