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>Eventually, The New Will Wear Off

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I really didn’t mean to go to my library today, but I lost my attendance book and had to find it. Turns out I left it in the Administration building the day I got my faculty card. I was so giddy I walked out without it.

Relieved but still a little on edge, I decided to soothe my nerves with a trip to the building next door. Once I was in the stacks, I felt a little better. And if standing there looking at the shelves made me feel a little better, wouldn’t taking some of what was on the shelves home with me get me all the way back to good?

Here’s today’s haul:

The Classic Era Of Crime Fiction – Peter Haining. Isn’t it gorgeous? I couldn’t resist. Damn, I miss coffee-table books!

Dr. Seuss: American Icon – Philip Nel. I would read it in a box/I would read it wearing socks.



The Moon And Sixpence – W. Somerset Maugham. I’ve been circling this novel for several years now. I’m under the impression I’ll like it even better than I liked Of Human Bondage.


Dodsworth – Sinclair Lewis. He’s a little out of style right now, but I’m just wild about Harry (his first name). When Jeopardy! periodically does a “Sinclair Lewis” category, I rule and the contestants drool. I was hoping to find It Can’t Happen Here, but my library has only 3 copies of Dodsworth. That’s okay; I haven’t read it yet. After that, I’ll check the DVD section and see if they have the 1936 movie version starring Walter Huston as the title character.


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