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I’m so pleased with (and TC&IB is shocked by) myself! I resumed the 2nd Canadian Book Challenge, Eh? this week and quickly polished off Anne’s House of Dreams and Anne of Ingleside by L.M. Montgomery. Finally, I can “leave” New Brunswick after so many months and get into the Northwest Territories. (Manitoba, I knew you for only a day.) I probably won’t linger long in The Northwest Territories because I just finished the first chapter of Rainbow Valley, also by Montgomery. British Columbia, here I come! Damn, all this reading is making me hungry and thirsty! Poutine washed down with Moosehead? Tim Horton’s? Both?

I’ll have to take a break from all this Anne-love to read The Zahir by Paulo Coelho for book group. After The Witch of Portabello, I’m not really looking forward to it. No expectations — I just want it to not to suck copious amounts.

Faulkner Guy loaned me Go Down, Moses. I appreciate William Faulkner and I’m reading the first story, “Was”, but I’m going to need to get my bookmind right before heading back south. Tuffi is breathing impatiently through her nose. She’s already threatened to march downhill and go live with Faulkner Guy. He’s racing through my copy of Middlemarch like pigs through the corn.

This has been my best reading month in ages. I’m going to start working on my review roundup this week.

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