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>Blob Turns 5!

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Today’s my blogiversary…”Blob” (as my mother refers to Naked Without Books!) is five years old. I was living a very different life back on March 11, 2004. When I started this blog, I wanted to have a single theme: Books and reading. Over the years, I think I’ve stuck to that pretty well, but it’s amusing how much of my “real life” has crept into these posts.

It’s so strange that this extreme love of reading has brought me so many friends, both real and real-virtual. I’m thankful, and I’ll never cease to be amazed at the warm community I’ve found among booklovers around the world.

Happy birthday, Blob. Back when you were born, I was broke, unemployed and frustrated with nearly every aspect of my existence. I’ve always felt that you helped to save me. I was pleased that we were able to continue together when I took my show on the road and lit out for Asia in those last weeks of 2004.

Pass your plates for a slice of cake.


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