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>Well-Seasoned Reader Challenge Completed!

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Today I finished Let’s Eat Korean Food by Betsy O’Brien and also finished The Well-Seasoned Reader Challenge. This is so unlike me. My Tough & Cool Inner Bookworm looked up bewilderedly and said, “Bybee?” “Tuffi,” I replied, just as taken aback as she was.

Still on the culinary high that M.F.K. Fisher induced with her little slice of perfection, Consider The Oyster, I was pleased to see oyster dishes (kul in Korean) mentioned twice in Let’s Eat Korean Food:
“Raw oysters with kimchi are the filling for salted cabbage leaves in kul possam (fresh oysters in cabbage roll) which is like a quick kimchi sandwich.”
Orikul Chot (Salted and spiced oysters): Oysters are salted for three days then seasoned with red pepper powder, sugar, garlic and ginger.They are stored in a jar in a cool place until required.”

I can’t help but wonder which of those two recipes M.F.K. Fisher would have liked better.

Let’s Eat Korean Food starts out with a historical look at Korean cuisine, some helpful information about dining in a Korean restaurant, an explanation of the more popular seasonings that go into Korean food, then a comprehensive overview of some of the most popular dishes here. Each chapter has a “Connoisseur’s Choice” section, and I was pleased to see some of my favorites described in mouth-watering detail. The book ends with a look at what is usually served on big feast days. Let’s Eat Korean Food is illustrated with excellent pen-and-ink drawings that help you recognize a certain dish at first glance. O’Brien is no M.F.K. Fisher, but her descriptions are clear and precise. A tasty read, highly recommended!

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