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>Back With A Bulging Suitcase

>Hi, book bloggers! I’m back from my trip. Lots of drama in all categories — too much to process right now, and that’s the only reason you’re being spared.

Hitting the Barnes & Noble in Columbia, I was able to find quite a few additions for my Pulitzer shelf: Lonesome Dove, The Magnificent Ambersons, One of Ours, The Confessions of Nat Turner, The Optimist’s Daughter and Humboldt’s Gift. However, it was on the slightly gritty shelves at Trade-A-Book in Sedalia that I made my most triumphant find: The Late George Apley. I’m preaching to the choir here, but it pays to get down on your knees and dig back into rows of double-stacked books. 54 cents! Whee!

Of course I’m only human, so my booklust couldn’t be restrained to all things Pulitzer. I also snatched up The Worst Hard Time, Atlas Shrugged (for March 8th’s book group), The Terror, Farenheit 451 and that book by Anderson Cooper. I’m blanking on the title. There’s more — both titles and blanks in my brain.
I almost bought an Amish cookbook. My mom bought it and I scanned it eagerly. The simple recipes, rendered in no-nonsense prose had me in blissed-out state of opticial cruise control.
Getting back to my Pulitzer obsession, I forgot to look for The Fixer, which could have been found with ease. In August, I’ll need to return to the US briefly, so there’s no point in kicking myself. Building a brand-new wishlist is infinitely more fun.

Jet lag is still frying my circuits, so I need to return to the bed.


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