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>Slumping In January

>My totals haven’t been this bad since graduate school! So far, I’ve read only 2 books this month and 511 pages of Middlemarch. I am getting a little bit of a break though — I fly out of Korea back to the US on January 31st around noon, and thanks to the magic of time travel (or at least time difference), I’ll get to my destination on …January 31st!

I (reluctantly) left Middlemarch behind and decided to travel with the 3 books for my Well-Seasoned Reader Challenge:
Let’s Eat Korean Food – Betsy O’Brien
Fried Eggs With Chopsticks – Polly Evans
Consider The Oyster – M.F.K. Fisher

When I got to Seoul, I went to What The Book? hoping to pick up a copy of Lonesome Dove, but no joy. After looking at what Updike they had available (small but very nice selection), I decided to work on my Pulitzer shelf and bought a copy of The Bridge Of San Luis Rey by Thornton Wilder. It’s the 1928 Pulitzer fiction winner. This purchase dovetails nicely with my resolve to concentrate my US book buying frenzy into this particular area. I’m hoping to find Lonesome Dove (I need it for the February 15th book group meeting), The Optimist’s Daughter, Advise and Consent, The Fixer, Humboldt’s Gift, The Confessions of Nat Turner, One Of Ours, Alice Adams, and The Magnificent Ambersons. Wish me luck. My Inner Completist Bookworm is bouncing off the walls with this one.

I hope to post while I’m gone…or at least read *your* blogs!


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