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>Readathon Hour 16: Putting Away The Pom-Poms & Pulling Out The Paperbacks

>Congratulations to joemmama for winning my challenge! Those lines were from Endless Love by Scott Spencer. As joemmama pointed out — really good novel, really bad movie.

I have fully discharged my cheerleading duties. I visited most of the readers’ blogs. If I didn’t leave a comment, it’s because I couldn’t leave one for some unreasonable computerish reason. Some blogs I couldn’t get into at all. Difficulties were rare, though, and I enjoyed seeing what you’ve read and I REALLY enjoyed seeing what you’ve eaten. When you’re an expat, food is like your porn. With that in mind, I must tell Dewey with the greatest respect that if her husband sets foot anywhere in Asia, I’m claiming him. The snack plate he made was a thing of joy and beauty forever.

I’m back to being a reader now. My original plan was to crack open the Sedaris book, but I suddenly remembered that biography of Princess Diana, and now it’s driving me crazy and I must read it first. Sigh. I’ve got to go fetch it from Dorm Sweet Dorm. Double sigh.


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