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>Readathon Hour 10: Dazzled

>Although you’ll not get one single cartwheel out of me, I’m taking my cheerleading duties seriously. Working from the Gargantuan List, I’m making my way through and visiting each blog. Last hour, I visited everyone whose user name starts with an A. I’m trying to take my time and study each blog in detail so I can leave thoughtful comments (as well as pick up new titles for my own wishlist). In time, the “thought” part of “thoughtful” may start to crumble like coffee cake and I’ll be down to: “Yes, totally. Rah!” Even so, I still honor and respect you as you strive to be your Bookworm Best. I’m dazzled and so impressed with your effort and accomplishments so far.

Cheerleading takes energy, so I’ve had 2 cups of vending machine coffee, a full glass of water and a frosted pastry that I bought Friday night on the way home from the internet cafe that’s nearest to my university.

Cheerleading takes concentration, so I’m burning lemon-scented incense. Somehow, it helps me concentrate. I’ve got some pine-scented waiting in the wings.

I’m off to cheer for the B’s now!


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