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>…you go back, Jack, do it again…
-Steely Dan-

Can my booklife get any better?! Dewey is hosting another Readathon on October 18, 2008.

Time to start telling people that I’m not available on that day. For anything. Luckily, book group is the weekend before that; I would’ve hated to miss a discussion of The Road. Speaking of BOOKLEAVES, wouldn’t it be great if I could get some of that bookish gang o’ mine to participate as well?

Time to start arranging my book pile. When Mr. Bybee returned from the United States recently, he brought me a short biography of Princess Diana. He also stocked up on biographies from that same series (D-K, I think) and he’s offering to let me read about Ben Franklin and Gandhi.

Time to figure out just how I want to do this, since I’m planning to read and cheer lead this time. Originally, I had planned to do half-and-half, but since I’m getting close to my 100-books-for-2008 goal, the best course might be to read for 8, be a cheerleader for 8, then resume reading for the remaining time.

Time to get organized. While I’m cheerleading, I plan to have some sort of contest or quiz. While shopping a couple of weeks ago, I saw something with terrific prize potential. I hope it’s still there when I go looking for it again. Usually, in these cases, the desired object will have disappeared, but the prospect of Readathoning always ratchets up my optimism several notches. I’m not Pollyanna, but I can be pretty sickening.

Time to figure out what to wear. I’m working out a compromise between real clothing and sleepwear.

Dewey has tweaked the start time to 5 am Pacific on the 18th, which works out to 9 pm that same day for me. The beauty part is that I’ll be finished (in more ways than one) in time for a reasonable bedtime Sunday night, which will have me refreshed and ready for the 7:20 class Monday morning. Picture this: 8 students, crusty-eyed and reeking of soju, and me, burbling contentedly about the joys of reading.

Let’s read! Let’s blog! Let’s Readathon!


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