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>Weekly Geeks #11: Book Questions

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Dewey’s moving! I envy her. Every 3-4 years, I feel that I MUST move. I’m still hearing the rhythms of my childhood as a military brat. Anyway, Dewey needs help getting her books read, so she would like for her beloved geekish community to choose a book from her teetering pile and ask her three questions about it. If she chooses your questions, you could end up with that book, if it’s hers to give away.

All of this makes me wild with antici…pation, because Dewey has a novel that I’m coveting to beat the band — Free Food For Millionaires by Min Jin Lee. Love that title. Love the Korean connection. Now I’ve got to come up with dazzling questions. Ow. My brain hurts.
1. The protagonist of Free Food For Millionaires is a Korean-American. Is she part of the “one point five” generation, born in Korea then immigrated with her family at a young age, or is she a first generation American?
2. Have the protagonist’s parents assimilated into American culture, or are they part of a strong Korean community that strives to hold onto their culture?
3. Does the whole novel take place in the United States, or is some of it set in Korea?
Wish me luck! Meanwhile, I’ll continue to do my part by brainwashing myself into having a dream about a pig tonight, or sometime this week. (Pig dreams are really lucky — unless a dog appears in the dream as well. A dog in your pig dream cancels your good luck.)

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