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>Readathon: A Matter Of Minutes

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>I tried switching to Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid On Earth by Chris Ware but after almost 2 days awake, I can’t handle that small print; my eyes are screaming in protest. Obscenities and all; you’d be shocked. Or maybe not.

So I returned to The Witch Of Blackbird Pond and finished it. It’s pretty lively– and Kit is a heroine way ahead of her time (1687) and also slightly ahead of the time that the book was published(1958). I’m glad I finally finished this Newbery winner. And I feel good about finishing another book this late in the game.

In the last five minutes, I’m going to choose a winner for the Korean mini-challenge, which was first presented waaay back in Hour 14.

Right now, I’m going to work on the post-Readathon survey while my mind can still form sentences. Remember my Welch’s grape jam? I think that’s what’s up there now instead of my brain.


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