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Props to Mr. Bybee for packing books in his suitcase! I would be remiss as his wife and a bookworm and author of this blog if I didn’t give you a list (in no particular order) of what he chose to bring with him:

1. How Did It Really Happen: Decide What You Believe about History’s Intriguing Mysteries – Reader’s Digest

2. The Illustrated Life And Times Of Wyatt Earp -Bob Boze Bell

3. True Tales Of The Civil War -Webb Garrison

4. Cardinal Nation: A Celebration Of Redbirds History (Foreword By Stan Musial)

5. Jesse James And The Civil War In Missouri -Robert L. Dyer

6. Jesse James: The Real StoryVincel Simmons (Grandson of Jesse James)

7. True Tales And Amazing Legends Of The Old West – Editors Of “True West” Magazine

8. Outlaw Tales Of Utah: True Stories Of Utah’s Most Famous Robbers, Rustlers And Bandits – Michael Rutter

9. Jesse James “The Outlaw” -Henry J. Walker

10. The Shooters: A Gallery Of Notorious Gunmen From The American West -Leon Claire Metz

11. Tales Behind The Tombstones -Chris Enss

12. Great Train Robberies Of The Old West – R. Michael Wilson
13. Draw: The Greatest Gunfights Of The American West -James Reasoner

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  1. >Does Mr Bybee have a fascination with the Old West, or is that just my imagination? 🙂

  2. >I was going to ask exactly the same question – all those outlaws! Have fun reading. And, good for Mr. Bybee. There’s a man who knows his wife!

  3. >Miz Bybee, I left a response to your question in the comments at the Kimbuktu’s Book Meme post. 🙂

  4. >Mr Bybee’s books remind me of my family’s current addiction to the old TV show Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman. 🙂

  5. >You can box all those up and send them to me when you’re done! I love outlaws. 🙂

  6. >I’m assuming your husband likes Jesse James


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